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Spices Catering & Smokehouse Market
Robert Entrekin, Owner
Pitmaster, R&D
Lynn Entrekin, Owner
Catering, Sales & Marketing
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Spices Smokehouse is family-owned and operated in Boaz, AL. Since our company opened in 2003, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar catering menu options but our food comes with an experienced team that will cater to your guest with southern hospitality and professionalism. 
About Spices Smokehouse

Erin Gorham, Production Lead & Product Representative
Jim Gorham, Co-Owner
Smokehouse Market 
& Product Representative 
Debbie Duvall, 
Production Team
Michelle Massion, Administrative Director & Accounting
Nancy Montgomery,
Catering Partner

Ron Montgomery,
Catering Partner